Spring Break

…It’s a break from everything.

I pretend we don’t have to worry about money

or school

or responsibilities.

We’re just homeowners trying to make the yard look nice

and parents just playing with their kids

and two people amazingly in love with all the time in the world to give each other.

I wish Spring Break

lasted a month or two.

But it’s just a week.

Which is probably for the best–

so that we remember to be grateful

for the time to just be us.


About Carolynn the Dyer

If I've learned one thing by having three children in four years, it's that babies are not, in fact, the best birth control. ... Okay, just kidding. I've really learned that laughter is the only way to survive the wilds of parenthood, and life in general. Also, that it is indeed possible to do dishes, parent, and carry on a conversation at the same time. If that sounds like fun, or just impossible, then come join me on my blog--and join me in the jungle.
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