Friday Writing!

Yay, my favorite!

Okay, the last couple weeks have seen me in an oddly morbid mood. It came to a head during my Monday writing session and I wrote three short stories in quick succession about death. I’m only sharing two of them here (last one’s an odd duck that doesn’t fit into my Files scheme, but feel free to email me if you’d like to read it), but they’re all Files-type stories and (fear not) emotional but not graphic.

Last Invocation (Natalie)

Strong Hold (Arianna)

Then, to get the weird taste of killing Jason multiple times out of my brain, I wrote these sweet shorts:

Walking (Natalie)

Happy (Arianna)

Nothing on the Dancing Princesses this week, given that Grimm isn’t the mood I’m going for there. Each of the above are about a page and a half long, so check ’em out and leave your thoughts.


About Carolynn the Dyer

If I've learned one thing by having three children in four years, it's that babies are not, in fact, the best birth control. ... Okay, just kidding. I've really learned that laughter is the only way to survive the wilds of parenthood, and life in general. Also, that it is indeed possible to do dishes, parent, and carry on a conversation at the same time. If that sounds like fun, or just impossible, then come join me on my blog--and join me in the jungle.
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2 Responses to Friday Writing!

  1. Susan says:

    I really enjoyed the stories, they were all very well written and the death scenes nearly brought me to tears. I have to say though, I’m getting really weirded out by the two alternate universe wife/girlfriend thing. It just messes with my brain for the same guy to have two very different lovers. I get why you like to write it, it’s a fun way to explore to different personalities, but it’s still weird. 🙂

    • I know, it is really weird. I created Jason as part of a couple, originally, and then just started wondering what he’d be like if he ended up with someone else… it just got out of control from there. I promise, it’ll only get worse. 😉

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